Exact Concrete Lifting is a locally owned and operated company located in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada.

Serving Medicine Hat and area, our highly trained staff use modern, industry-leading equipment to provide top quality concrete lifting solutions in a timely fashion for a competitive price.

Our service trucks are fully self-contained which allows us to work anywhere a slab needs to be lifted: in residential, commercial, industrial, and even rural locations.

We Lift:

  • sidewalks,
  • driveways,
  • garage floors,
  • patios,
  • pool decks,
  • warehouse floors,
  • RV pads,
  • etc

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What is concrete lifting?

Traditional concrete lifting (slabjacking/mudjacking) is the process of lifting a sunken concrete slab hydraulically by pumping a sand/clay/cement slurry into small strategically placed holes that are drilled. Once the slab has been raised to the desired pitch, the holes are then filled and finished to match the existing concrete.

Sunken, uneven concrete can be a liability in many ways. Improper pitch causes drainage issues, increasing the void that has already been created under the slab, possibly leading to structural damage to surrounding environment (home, garage, etc.). Uneven concrete is a trip/fall hazard for pedestrian traffic, especially during the winter months. Also, inadequate support under the slab could lead to insufficient load-bearing capabilities, causing cracks and further deterioration.

Click to view drawing of concrete lifting BEFORE/AFTER

Lifting vs. Replacing?

Cost - Slabjacking costs 50-80% less than removing and replacing an existing concrete slab.

Time - Most jobs can be completed in one day, and can be used within hours of completion. The removal, forming, pouring, and finishing of a new slab takes much more time (curing can take up to 28 days) before it can be load-bearing.

Disturbance – Slabjacking can be done with very minimal disturbance to landscaping surrounding the slab like your grass, curbs, flowerbeds, paving stones, etc. If new concrete is poured, forms need to be used and the perimeter around the slab will be disturbed.

Also, concrete hardens as it ages so your old concrete, once properly supported after being lifted, is actually stronger than the newly poured concrete that would replace it. And the color of newly poured concrete does not always match existing slab, so there could be some slight variations.

Can you lift and level any concrete slab?

Probably, as long as the slab is in good condition. Cracked concrete can be lifted as long as the pieces have integrity. If the slab has numerous existing cracks and the surface is deteriorating, then replacement is probably the way to go. But if the slab has just sunken, then it is definitely a candidate for our services.

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Contact us anytime for a FREE, no-obligation estimate at
403-527-LIFT (5438) or